Catering Services in Logan, OH

If you want to treat the whole office to a lunch they can’t resist, order office catering from TheFeed in Logan, OH. When your office is located close to Logan, OH, what’s better than supporting local businesses by ordering lunch from there instead of a big box store or large chain restaurant? Let us work with you to customize a menu to fit your office’s needs.

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Custom Catering in Logan, OH

While TheFeed is considered a family restaurant, there’s no reason why you can’t treat your colleagues like family by choosing us for your catered lunch or dinner. Since every dish is made from scratch, you’ll impress employees and clients alike by choosing TheFeed for your next catering event. Whether you have a special occasion or milestone to celebrate or simply want to let your colleagues know how much you appreciate their hard work, we offer catering options that will make even a regular Monday feel like an enjoyable experience.

Wedding Catering in Logan, OH

TheFeed has the versatility to create a delicious fair for your special day. We customize a menu to suit the feel and style of your wedding. We work with you to ensure that no guest is left out due to dietary concerns. Let us take care of feeding your guests so you can enjoy your day. Please see the menu below for our delicious catering options!

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When it comes to event catering in Logan, OH and the surrounding areas, TheFeed has got you covered. If you want tasty, house-made entrees that your whole family will devour, choose TheFeed to cater your next birthday, wedding, and other special events.
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