Melody Tankovich November 10, 2022

Melody Tankovich

"My husband and I were staying at the Hocking Hills Lodge this weekend. We wanted dining close. Something besides the Lodge every meal. We read your menu and found what you offer to not be your typical chain restaurant or bar food. We were very pleased with the food. Delicious. I had your Waldorf Chicken Salad. And Key lime pie. Outstanding. My husband enjoyed your BBQ wings and baked beans. Seasoning is where you definitely surpass other restaurants. We will be back when in Logan. Our waitress was a very pleasant young lady. Tourists will not be disappointed if they enjoy excellent upscale type food"
Steffi Draudt November 3, 2022

Steffi Draudt

"All the food is perfectly prepared and well thought out. Tristan and his wife have taken so much time out of their home life to make this dream come true and I appreciate all the effort and thought that he has put into his menu. I will support him hands down time and time again and I wish I lived closer to order the great coffee I have heard so much about. Wholesome family business here trying to make a small town better by making fantastic food."
Henry Foster October 28, 2022

Henry Foster

"Amazing food! I had the "Take Me Out West" burger with bacon, Alabama bbq, onion rings, and cheese. It hit on all levels. Bacon was cooked perfectly. Sauce was tangy. Onion rings were crispy and well-seasoned. Patty was good. Great burger! Wife had the "Coop" fried chicken sandwich, and it was very tasty as well. The fresh-cut fries were hot and crispy, just what you want with a burger. We got a side of the alabama bbq to go with the fries and both really enjoyed it. Awesome service as well. Try this place! Would've liked to have gotten a beer with the meal but apparently they're working on getting their license. We didn't get the nachos but they sound and look awesome."
Sean Skaggs August 20, 2022

Sean Skaggs

"First off let me start by saying the staff is always friendly and attentive. The Feed is not your run of mill chain restaurant food. The menu is full of unique items you won't find anywhere else. Food is always cooked perfect and the fries are the best fries around. The daily specials are always a treat as well. No matter if you're a local resident or a tourist who likes to check out local eateries you owe it to yourself to dine at The Feed."